It's Not
Just Art.
It's A Movement.

The stories. The women. The art. The experience. Inspiration for generations. 

It's about Strengthing the whole person.

MIND - What does mental strength look like? I see breathing calmly through discomfort, whether chosen or circumstancial. I see writing in a journal, choosing a response instead of a reaction, and holding on to goals despite shifting moods.  

BODY - What does physical strength look like? I see coming back and working through injuries and setbacks. I see pushing the limits of possibilites, tearing tissues, and rebuilding again stronger. I see a consistent effort to keep showing up. 

SOUL - What does spiritual strength look like? I see years of bended knees, open ears, and soft hearts. I see reaching out to help another. I see trusting in the process despite the inability to see the road ahead. I see eyes looking up.